Traffic technology

The constantly increasing traffic volume can only be kept under control through the usage of intelligent systems.

Through induction loops at the transport hubs, the traffic control systems are supplied with all relevant data and can thereby calculate optimal traffic regulation.

ITC Thermo Cable GmbH constructs and produces high-quality stranded cables for usage in induction loops under consideration of the individual guidelines and regulations from the individual federal states.

The insulation of our cables is extremely stable both in a thermal and mechanical manner. High-quality materials like PTFE 5Y up to +260°C for hot casting and interlaced polyolefin for cold casting are used. For increased thermal and mechanical stress, stranded cables can be offered with an additional braiding of impregnated glass silk.

Loop cables from ITC Thermo Cable GmbH are used preferably by street construction companies due to large run lengths and have been providing their service reliably for many years.

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